Wednesday, January 6, 2010

God's will and cows

I was talking w/my friend, Henry, this past Sunday about this topic. Henry has been following the discussion I began on facebook about knowing God's will.

Henry said that he heard a sermon that likened us to cows and God's will to a cow pasture. According to this thought, a cow is free to roam where it will within the confines of the pasture and graze where it wants. He went on to say that this is like God's will for us. The fences/boundaries of the cow pasture are like God's moral will, his clearly spelled out directions for how he wants us to live. And, if we stay within those confines, i.e. live according to God's moral standards, then we can "graze" where we think is best, or make decisions based on our own wisdom and understanding.

This makes sense to me. You?

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