Monday, March 15, 2010

350 CID lunch

One of the perks of my work insuring churches is being able to sample the local lunch fare across 16 counties.

Today I'm dining at Chevelle '66 in Murphy, NC. This cozy place on the main drag gets its name from the muscle car. The decor is checkered flags and related paraphernalia. There's even a mechanic's creeper mounted on the wall.

The lunch choices include burgers to order, from a basic 283 (based on the old cubic inch displacement, the way we used to measure the size of our engines) all the way up to a 427, which is a burger with all the works.

I decided on the 283, figuring that it supplied sufficient gastric displacement. For under $7 I got a side salad, two yeast rolls w/seasoned olive oil, a burger fixed to order, cole slaw, and fries.

This is my second, but certainly not last, visit to this charming spot. If for no other reason than the trip down memory lane. I told the waitress that it reminded me of the '70 Ventura Sprint 350 that I used to drive. I wrecked it twice and got 3 speeding tickets back in the days when we had to transition from 70mph on the interstate to "double nickels." As Archie and Edith would sing, "Those were the days, my friend."

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