Thursday, March 11, 2010

Leg room

I got my company car back today, after several days of driving a rental while the bumper was replaced following an encounter w/a log on the interstate. Man, are my knees relieved.

Now, it's nice that my company provides me w/both a car and gas, and, when my car needs work, a rental. However, the agency from whom my company leases tells me that I'm eligible for a full-size vehicle to rent, but the outfit they rent from, a national company that promises to "pick you up," thinks that a Mazda 5 or a Toyota Prius are full-sized cars. My knees know better. I've been cramped behind the wheel for days, so when I got the call today that my Taurus was ready, my exclamation, "Yes!" was audible to the passengers in all the nearby vehicles. But, did I care?

I wanted to drive around for the remainder of the afternoon, cruisin' and enjoying being reunited with my friend, w/whom I've logged 60,000 miles over the last 18 months.

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